brow tint 20+

Add a boost of tint to fill in some sparse areas or darken lightly colored hairs.


false lashes application 15+
lash tint 20+
lash lift 40+
lash lift and tint 50+

lashes +20
lashes without makeup +20
lash extensions (Full) classic +150
lash extensions (Full)hybrid +165
lash extension (Full) volume +185
lash extensions (Full) mega volume +200
classic retouch (10 days or less) +35
classic fill (2-3 weeks) +60
hybrid retouch (10 days or less) +40
hybrid fill (2-3 weeks) +65
volume retouch (10 days or less) +45
volume fill (2-3 weeks) +70
mega volume retouch (10 days or less) +55
mega volume fill (2-3 weeks) +85

Lash lift and/or tint: Temporarily curl lashes, no need for an eyelash curler! Add a tint, in order to create a fluttering affect!

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